Hopscotch Five-Element Challenge from oio




I have an unusual challenge for us. This is especially for those who keep finding themselves "out of ideas" for what to do.

If you want to master Hopsctoch in a way that few probably ever will and to improve your coding, science and artistic skills, please consider at least one part of this five-part invitation:

oio's five-element challenge

The subject is simple. As simple as they come. It's not a game. At least it doesn't have to be. It's not any specific type of project. It is only to code the "Four Elements" plus one: Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and... a 5th element that can be whatever you envision, as fanciful and colorful and active and even audible or sensitive to touch or sound or tilt as you like.

The rules are just as simple:
(1) Make one project at a time using your own favorite code techniques to portray the elements.
(2) Pick one element per project.
(3) Make your elements appear and behave as closely as you can to the way you understand the real "elements" behave in nature.


Consider how Earth (dirt, rocks, sand or large terrain) looks up close, how it behaves, when disturbed, how it changes, or how it appears as we move across it. It could be a pile of dirt. It could be large terrain. It could be granite or textured stone. It could be pumice or crystals. It could be a sand picture or sculpture. Or, what about an earthquake? A landslide? The formation of mountains? Just imagine earth, then code it.


Consider the flow of water and how it behaves, when it runs into things or when waves are generated in it. Consder how it interacts wtih other things. Consider its shapes. Droplets, ripples, waves, vapor, snow crystals, ice. Imagine water, then code it.


For air, consider how it moves in gusts or in turbulence. Consider how it causes other things to move with it. Consider how it can gently move leaves and the petals of flowers or destroy things that get in its way. Imagine air, then code it.


For fire, consider the shape and colors in a real flame. Consider how it dances, grows and shrinks. Consider how it spreads from one thing to another. Consider even how it consumes those things. Imagine fire, then code it.

Element 5

And what about that 5th element? There, you use your imagination in ways that may or may not resemble anything ever before seen. You could decide that your fifth element is an electrified plasma! or some exotic element! Let it be "aether" or "dark matter". It could be "Qi" or "Prana" or pure thouught, moving through space, as you see it. Just make it awesome. Imagine your fifth element, then code it.

Is this interesting to you? If so, let's make of it a challenge. We can submit projects with an easily recognized tag: "#5EC - Earth" or "#5EC - Water" or "#5EC - Air" or "#5EC - Fire" or "#5EC - Fifth Element". I'm really interested in your "Fifth Element" ideas!

Can you do it in Hopscotch? Will you try?

By the way, speaking of the elements, a project by the European Space Agency was one of the neatest short films I've ever seen that relates to the elements - particularly to water - and to us, as human beings. If you're interested, I'd like you to see the kinds of things that inspire your friend, oio, the scientist. And if you take inspiration from it... all the better.

Rosetta Mission "Ambition" Film

Happy coding...



This is a really cool idea, I'll definitely try it sometimes


Oooooooooh fancy speaking.... I'll try this :3 how much time do we have?


All the time we want. It wouldn't be as fun if we rushed :wink:


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I've been trying to do water for a bit here and I am running into one major barrier:
Clone independence. Because the water is dynamic, I made a bunch of little 'water particles' that follow physics, but there is one problem. I need the water to interact with itself, I need the particles to not just go through eachother. However, when I make a rule such as 'when Circle touches Anything' it will trigger for all the clones whenever any one of them touch something. Do any of you know a way to have a clone and only that clone do something when it touches something?
(I feel like there is a simple solution staring me right in the face xD)


I look forward to seeing what you'll create! :slightly_smiling:


Yes, water is an interesting one! Will it be waves? Ripples? Will it be flowing and crashing? Will it be spreading-out or gathering together? Please be sure to post a link to your "water" project. I want to see it!


This is a nice programming topic you raise, Snowman. Yes, how do we make the "particles" interact? And how do we refer to them independently? Studying plasma, I learned some interesting things about how we model fluids. You might appreciate it, as it might apply here. How do those guys do it in Hollywood, anyway???

In some approaches, yes, you actually keep track of particles or of groups of them. In other approaches, what you do is simply keep track of a chunk of space. You don't ask "where is particle No. 1618033... Instead, you ask, what's going on in this region? It's kind of like... the question of waves in water. The waves move across or through the water, but it's not the actual water molecules that are the wave. With plasma, we can ask, "How are the density, temperature, net charge, etc. changing in this region of space?" and just forget about the individual molecules. That might work for a "water" project. It might work for all of 'em.


This really awesome, I'm going to do it.
I'll start with fire...


Great idea, it'll give me a break from art, art art. One little problem- or question, really. I understand the rules, just can each one be made a differing coding style that you think meets them most? Like for 'water' I would use 'leave a trail', because of how water flows and leave a trail can really recreate that. But clones would also add the depth to the water. So what I'm confuzzled about is when you say using your favorite coding techniques, are you saying a different one for each element?
I'm sorry if I sound dum b right now.


I love to read that! Cool!

Just... give it some time. Maybe... go watch some fire for a while (just don't start any! :slight_smile: ). It will teach you. That flame will teach you, if you let it! I'm not kiddin'. And, then, you get to figure out how to share it in Hopscotch! How awesome is that!

Oh, did you watch the ESA film? If so, what'ya think? Any connection?


I want to start with Earth. I love the natural feelings of the dirt, the intricate animals wriggling in the dirt, moving the small clumps. The plants are intricate as well, their details and veins, what they need, root systems, their Colours, it just all interests me.

I'm having trouble deciding where to start, and how to illustrate that


Also, btw, @oio, starting the film right now. Seems very modern, I like it :wink:


I don't know what the ESA film is, sorry.

To respond to the other, I decided to watch a small candle light of fire, with meh parents XD

Fire is so beautiful...


Heck no, you don't sound "dum b" - not at all! Yours are EXACTLY the kinds of smart questions this project is meant to encourage! I love 'em. Just like I love your interest in meeting the challenge! To answer your question: It's up to you! :slightly_smiling: Everybody's answer should be unique. I just want you guys to hit the "go" button and show @Liza and the HT what can really be done with this tool, when creative minds like yours are set on it!


Try making a leaf, and then connect the leaf to something.

That's how you start :wink:


Oh! You gotta see this! There's a link in my original post. Near the bottom. Inside the details. Those people in the film... that's you. Well... with the power of code.


That's a wonderful answer, @oio! I really admire how you want us to allow our imagination to fall freely in any direction that we choose. Not many people these days are able to acknowledge the power of the human mind. You are gifted in every single way to think of something as creative as this! I am also quite glad I clicked the link to that video. It made me think about what I thought was right- is it really right? How humans are such stubborn creatures, how we won't stop until we accomplish our goal. I love how your challenge makes me feel like the girl in that video; the power running through my body, knowing I'm in full control of what I make, and that the 5th element is completely up to me.
Thank you, oio, for opening my mind :slightly_smiling:


You put tears in my eyes. You got it! You absolutely got it! You already WIN the challenge!

Thank you.