Hopscotch Featured Projects: The Statistical Analysis

Hi all,

I just spent the last few hours logging, and analyzing data from the Featured page of Hopscotch. I then took that data, and went through all of it to get some information which you all may find interesting, baffling, or both.


From every project, I collected:

  • The Name
  • The User
  • The Amount of Likes
  • The Amount of Plays
  • The Amount of Weeks Since Publication

With all of that data, I can now provide to you, all of this fun stuff:

General Info

So far, there have been a total of 127 featured Hopscotch projects! That’s crazy.
Those projects have been published by a grand total of 84 different users.
Those 127 projects have accrued a total of 865,290 likes and 23,414,606 plays. Wow!
Combined, all of the projects gain 28,065 plays per day, which is an average of about 221 plays per project per day.
As far as likes go, they have a combined 949 likes per day, which averages out to about 7 and a half likes per project per day.

24 projects have been created in the past year. (0 - 52 weeks)
19 projects were created over a year ago. (52-104 weeks)
17 projects were created over 2 years ago. (104-156 weeks)
11 projects were created over 3 years ago. (156-208 weeks)
40 projects were created over 4 years ago. (208-260 weeks)
15 projects were created over 5 years ago. (260-284 weeks)

Given that, Hopscotch tends to put a project on Featured slightly less than every two weeks.
Hopscotch also picks a person who hasn’t been featured before about 2/3 of the time.

Top Charts

The following is a list of lists, showing the Top 5 projects regarding a certain condition.

Most Likes

  1. Kaleidocosmos by Valgo - 72.6k likes
  2. Lemonade Stand by -Madi- - 28k likes
  3. Color Switch 2 by PhantomReporter - 27k likes
  4. Pop the Lock! by MagmaPOP - 24.9k likes
  5. Minecraft SneakUp! by MagmaPOP - 24.8k likes

And of course…
Least Likes (mostly because these are still new)

  1. Under the Sea by SereneCygnet - 152 likes (6 days old)
  2. Advanced 3D Engine by Creations of a Noob - 619 likes (8 weeks old)
  3. Falling Ball (by Attila Molnar) by Infinity0032 - 649 (16 weeks old)
  4. Minesweeper v1.1 by Awesome_E - 850 likes (16 weeks old)
  5. The Master Sword by TheWellGroomedDonut201818 - 899 likes (34 weeks old)

Most Plays

  1. Kaleidocosmos by Valgo - 2.3m plays
  2. Bear’s adventure by jeff3321 - 739.6k plays
  3. Minecraft SneakUp! by MagmaPOP - 721.2k plays
  4. Color Switch 2 by PhantomReporter - 621.9k plays
  5. Pop the Lock! by MagmaPOP - 607.7k plays

Least Plays

  1. Under The Sea by SereneCygnet - 1.5k plays
  2. Advanced 3D Engine 2.0 by Creations of a Noob - 14.5k plays
  3. Minesweeper v1.1 by Awesome_E - 18.4k plays
  4. Clones know color! by XAMANION STUDIOS - 20.4k plays
  5. Doodle jump TM by M@ximo - 21.3k plays

Newest Projects

  1. Under the Sea by SereneCygnet - 6 days old
  2. Advanced 3D Engine by Creations of a Noob - 8 weeks old
  3. 3D engine 1.1 by Creations of a Noob - 11 weeks old
  4. Falling Ball (by Attila Molnar) by Infinity0032 - 16 weeks old
  5. Minesweeper v1.1 by Awesome_E - 850 likes - 16 weeks old

Oldest Projects

  1. Cow Tapper v.18 by BestesColezNZ - 284 weeks old
  2. Hunter And Parrot :Rehop by *ForTheWin* - 279 weeks old
  3. Hopscotch Dojo 3: Godzilla v.s. King Kong! by Axolotl - 277 weeks old
  4. Duet by LWeird - 276 weeks old
  5. Submarine fight by WCC15

Most Likes per Day

  1. Stickman Jailbreak by Nathan LN - 43.2 likes per day
  2. Kaleidocosmos by Valgo - 42 likes per day
  3. Darts! by TheBest1Ever - 28.1 likes per day
  4. Bear’s adventure by jeff3321 - 27.4 likes per day
  5. Under The Sea by SereneCygnet - 21.7 likes per day

Most Plays per Week/Day

  1. Stickman Jailbreak by Nathan LN - 10959 plays per week/1556 plays per day
  2. Kaleidocosmos by Valgo - 9169 plays per week/1310 plays per day
  3. Bear’s adventure by jeff3321 - 8219 plays per week/1174 plays per day
  4. Darts! by TheBest1Ever - 6027 plays per week/861 plays per day
  5. Space Adventure by TenseFerryBoat77 - 4885 plays per week/698 plays per day

Users with > 1 Project
7 projects - MagmaPOP
6 projects - Creations of a Noob
5 projects - (nobody… yet!)
4 projects - Awesome_E, -Madi-, ThinBuffaloSr, and Valgo
3 projects - 44D3A7HQ, Axolotl, Etalix, MR.GAM3R, My Name Funky 36, Purple Hawk, and TheBest1Ever
2 projects - Bananadog, Game Coder, LWeird, Super Mario Mini Games, SUPERWAGGY88, and XAMANION STUDIOS

Out of those listed above, these people have the…
Most Likes on Average

  1. Valgo - 20,197 likes
  2. Game Coder - 15,221 likes
  3. -Madi- - 13,251 likes
  4. Bananadog - 13,203 likes
  5. MagmaPOP - 12,857 likes

Most Plays on Average

  1. Valgo - 610,616 plays
  2. MagmaPOP - 339,851 plays
  3. Axolotl - 323,375 plays
  4. PurpleHawk - 316,409 plays
  5. Bananadog - 269,990 plays

If you remove Kaleidocosmos, Valgo’s average likes and plays go down to only 2714 likes and 59,243 plays. Basically, about 10% of what it would be with it.


These are all of the… odd and interesting things I found.

There are 4 different versions of "Doodle Jump."
There are also 4 games that include Mario in them.
There is only one remix on the featured page.
Kaleidocosmos makes up for 9.7% of the plays for the Featured page as well as 8.4% of the likes.

3 games were featured when they were either unfinished, or, just not at “version 1.0” yet.
20 games were featured after their initial release, meaning they are a “2.0” or an update of some sort from the original game published.

10 games include ALL CAPS at least somewhere in the title.
27 games end the title with an exclamation point.

Sorry to everybody who saw this before I deleted it. It wouldn’t let me edit the original post, but I could delete it, so I copied it all and decided to post it again. In that regard, I hope there are not errors, since I cannot go back and fix them myself. There probably are a few, though.

This info was recorded on June 14th, of 2020. Congrats to everybody who has made it on the Featured page! This is for you :slight_smile: and everybody else, of course.


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