Hopscotch faves


What do u like about hopscotch and pls I'm new to the forum so why do u tag and umm... maybe nothing else.


We tag to give users a notification, so that specific user knows we want him/her to see the post. You can tag someone by putting an @ sign before their username (@anikeony). :smile: It's like tagging on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

I really like how Hopscotch is fairly simple, so it's easy to get used to and learn from, but it's also complex in terms of being able to make and discover so many cool things. :smiley:


I like how amazing the community is. Whenever we have a problem with our code or if we're feeling upset about something, they can help! :smiley:


Yeah, I completely agree!! It's awesome to see the community learning from each other and helping one another out.


Well, here is a tip. Don't go around screaming "This is off topic!" to every off topic post you see. If you do want to, say it in a relaxed manner. Also, try to keep things fairly on topic yourself. Hopscotch related quizzes are allowed, as long as it doesn't have any way to chat in it, and usually "Random" clubs or contests are related to Hopscotch.

(I feel weird posting this. So yeah.)