Hopscotch Eye Drawing Contest!



Hi everyone, so, basically I am starting an eye drawing contest.
Here is what you have to do to enter:
First, draw the best eye you can draw!
Second, take a screenshot or picture of that drawing(can be drawn on your device or on paper)!
Finally post the screenshot or picture here!
There will be 3 prizes
3rd place gets likes on all projects!
2nd place gets likes on all projects and a follow!
1st place gets likes on all projects, a follow and a drawing request!
Competition ends when 15 people have entered

PS: I'm a random hopscotcher/forumer. You probably don't recognize me...
Wait... Is forumer even a word...?

PPS: Sorry, for some reason I couldn't choose any topics cause they were not showing for some reason. The only one I saw was help. So i chose that. Is that ok? Sorry.

Whatever! Happy Drawing!


My eye drawing skills isn't so good, but good luck with your challenge!


Thanks, @William04GamerA


Thanks for the invite @Mirza123!
I like drawing eyes... I've coded trail art eyes! Look:


@PerfectPanda24 You will need my hopscotch name in order to like my projects!:


Ok, once you enter, I will notify you if you win! Thanks :smile:


You have to draw the eye, not code it, though.

And I'm entering! @PerfectPanda24


Thanks for deciding to enter! :grinning: @tankt2016


I know I just mentioned it :joy:
I'll probably enter, I'm just not sure yet


Are you happy we can upload games to our computer/PC now?:grinning:
This is great for sharing photos! OR maybe not.:relaxed:


Wow! For real? I didn't know that...:no_mouth:


Make sure to join this contest! If less than ten people enter in five days I might end it! Thanks for reading this! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


Hello! Anyone else want to enter my contest? :slight_smile:


Not so good but... I guess it will be ok...


Purely random…
Had no black (yet) so I used a blue pupil :joy:


Im gonna join, but im gonna draw on paper. Im gonna start now


@PerfectPanda24 its fine if the topic is help! Its the only topic u can choose if your basic, or a member! :slight_smile:


Oh, now I understand. Thanks!


This is mine! :


@PerfectPanda24's eye contest!