Hopscotch Etiquette


Do you have questions on how you should act on the app?

Look no further!
It's easy when you get the gist of the community's ideas and values (not the coding ones :stuck_out_tongue: )

How should I compliment someone?

See here!

If someone has an AMAZING project, it's good to remix them!
But sometimes people take it the wrong way, so here's a few definitions to keep tucked away!


Rehopping is pretty Hopscotch debated, some people view it as "stealing" people's work, while others view it as a compliment!
This occurs when you basically repost the project without any add ons, but don't take out a name or make it seem like you made the project!


Remixing is pretty straightforward, it's just changing up something in the project, maybe like a bug fix. Adding a short message on it can really brighten someone's day!

How should I treat the community?

See here!

Just be kind, and treat everybody's work like it took a year for them to make.
Meaning, don't vandalize their projects (yes, that's happening now)
and don't brag about your abilities, people will recognize you for who you are if you try hard!

What is the difference between likes and plays?

see here!

Likes are a fundamental staple of Hopscotch, these pockets of controversy are given when somebody enjoys a particular project
But be warned: don't get too caught up in them!

Plays are just a count of how many times your project has been viewed
Some people value plays over likes, but just remember, the stats of the project don't matter, only the quality!

How should I request people? (Yep I added this)

See here!

Excellent question! Hopscotch is also filled with good artists, and some people start a little business called requesting, this is when someone asks another artist to draw something of their choosing.
We should remember that before we spam the person with requests, we should think...


They probably won't get your request done automatically, so hold your horses!

Also, remember to add a please or a thank you! We don't want to feel discarded after you've claimed your drawing :wink:

What should I do when I see a innapropraite project?

See here!

Report it!
Bottom right corner of a project thumbnail, there is a report project button.
You will be keeping the community safer by doing so, please report!

That's all for now!
If you want another one on this, just reply and say which one you want!

Here are some topics requested by other Hopscotchers

What should I do when I am being bullied on Hopscotch?

See here! Requested by @Poptart0219

The bullyin g issue is growing at an alarming rate, and it's NOT ok.
Some people ( like me) try to post the pictures on the forum, but that usually goes awry, the best thing to do is to report the project, and if it persists, email the Hopscotch Team!

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Like this for more how tos :wink:

Shortened Hopscotch Etiquette

Amazing tutorial!


wow, nice, @OrangeScent1!


Thx! I felt we needed a reminder :wink:
ESPECIALLY on the request one... :stuck_out_tongue:




When I did requests, I looked to see if they were being kind about it. If I see a "I requested a day ago, where is it?" I usually don't do those until I did the people who waited :wink:


@OrangeScent1 is it okay if I make a short and simpler version of this? It may be a lot for people to take in :frowning: :wink:


Really good tutorial! Exspecillay for newbies!

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@OrangeScent1, this will help!


Does anybody have any specific additions they want?


You could add when someone is being rude to you or another Hopscotcher, it is a growing issue.


Done! I agree with that btw :wink: