Hopscotch Emulator! (For PC)



Hey did you make a topic about that?

No that was when I was less smart at using the fourm and I talked in emojis, not emoticons.

But what about this?

:neutral_face:, this is diffent .


this is kind of going to be nerdy, so brace yourselves.

Theres already some iPad emulators, but my gilly good, there strict.
I was wondering if it was possible to emulate hopscotch on pc's.
This will help me code faster and some other people :>

Can anyone emulate an app? Is that possible?


wut? Why is this not showing?


Can I get the nerdy stuff? I mean I think their are some iOS emulators for PC


Wait I found a emulator xD

It's for Mac and Windows


That is a great one! I can't download because it is a .exe and that is only for Windows.


But, will it hopscotch?


Or just make a PC version of Hopscotch instead of emulate :stuck_out_tongue:


Doesn't work. It only has certain apps; Apple doesn't allow iPad emulators to access the whole App Store because of some sort of copyright thing, I think. :\


Awwww man

Also off topic but did u know that Hopscotch was on front page for coding for kids


Yes. Yes I did.

yes yes yes yes!


I know lol