Hopscotch emails; and the safety problems they can create



so ive been seeing some people saying their hopscotch emails which is greats but what if soeone uses it as their email to reset a password for...everything!
then a hacker could see the username and go on the forum, search who made a account with that username, and search their hopscotch email and type it in on hopscotch and change the password!
that's a BIG safety problem so I suggest that the hopscotch team makes a thing where whne you make a account, you have to put in some personal questions and then, when you jogin <(I'm joggin' in)
, you have to answer those questions!
I think that'll make it safer as long as we make a firewall for it.



1) usually people don't use Hopscotch emails for that
2) it doesn't work like that...there's an email sent TO THE PERSON and it's reset through that


dat not da point


Yes...that's exactly the counterpoint for "da point"






Uhhhhhh jogin?
It should say login


The best use of a hopscotch email isn't for your account, but for a collab, or asking questions. It probably isn't a good idea to use it for your account, and I would definitely not share your password


lol I was typing to fast /O\


The person using it to reset doesn't have the password to the email so they can't reset it.


@PopTart0219 GETS IT!


That's what I literally just said -_-


what if the password was the same as the email O.O


What if people weren't that dum b?


omg have some humor in yo life :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I know, but some people might not get it.


whispers to friend: he gets it too?!?!?!?


Good idea, but there's an email sent to the email to reset the password through that.
Also it should say login not jogin.
Are you going to jog or somethin'?
Also why would someone share their password?




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