Hopscotch Email




Ok so I was looking this topic up and i didn't see one that was fairly new, so I thought I'd start this.
What are your opinions on hopscotch emails
(emailing from an account personal for hopscotch)
Just wondering

  • great idea!
  • eh. I don't have enough energy/ I'm not allowed to have another email
  • N.O.
  • other (state the other in comments)


(i think i did the poll write– crossing fingers here!)


You have to add spaces between the words and the -!


- This is a example!


yeah I figured it out. Thanks!


I don't really know how this will turn out!
It might be too much hassle for Hopscotch to maintain!


Ok. I just didn't know if I should make an email for hopscotch only so I could talk to other hopscotchers.


Nah. Some people have school accounts and can't have emails. Others have parent restrictions and they can't create new ones. This could make peopl (including me) feel left out.


Oh, just for you? That should be okay. I thought you said EVERYONE! Sorry!


No no. Lol I think that would be chaos!


Yeah I feel you.
(famed extra text)


It's annoying I really want to join something but I need a hopscotch email or I'm not allowed to do it. it's so not fair


I would half to ask my dad!


I'm sorry about that!


Yeah I understand. Parent approval is important!


Why are you sorry?????


That you aren't allowed to get another email.


No!!! I can't have an email, this is not Hopscotch related, and I can't use my mom's email. We are under 10. That explains why.


Oh yeah if I don't have email can't join collab so annoying. I wanted to help LP but I didn't have an email


I havent got another email and wont get one but my email is in my user card topic


Feel free to email me