Hopscotch editor in simplified graphics



Wow that's awesome!

I wish we could still have them as our avatars :(


@t1_hopscotch, can I have some really quick help on something?


Sure :slight_smile: just tag me where you need.


@t1_hopscotch, I'm working on a game without self (so that there would be less lag, less load, smaller file sizes ect.) and I have cloned an object, and set its position to the original.

Set position X: x position + 3, Y: Y position

This block is in the "Object is cloned" rule. It is setting position to the original non cloned version.

But, I put a repeat forever block over this since the original will be moving a lot. The clone seems to be moving right. I know what is going on though:

Since there is no self reference it is setting position to the clone.

How can I execute this block for the cloned object to permanently be at the original x's position + 3, without moving?

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Ah I see :smiley:

Wait no let me read again

I was going to say we can move this to another topic, but I do have an idea.

If you do this:

When game starts
    Repeat forever
        Set variable OriginalXPosition to x position

And then I think you would be able to use the variable OriginalXPosition for the clone instead

BlastFusion's Topikt of the Stock Market and Currency Trading

Hmm. This seems not to work for me. I've tried using size as a %, rotation, and none work.


Let's move this to another topic, if that is okay? :slight_smile:


Yeah sure! I just didn't know which was your General topic.

Just tag me in the topic.


Wow I had a use for these XD

(I was actually using them in another informal thing too :upside_down:)


Wow, I miss the old editor. The nostalgia is pummeling me down. XD

I like the style a lot! It's definitely great for small diagrams like you made on your other topic about control flow! ^^