Hopscotch editor in simplified graphics



I don't know why I did this but I think it's cool how there's some distinctness about Hopscotch that you can tell it's Hopscotch-esque from these haha :upside_down:


Haha! That's really cool, the purple is a bit off but it's amazing and just shows the basics. I think that would be really cool if you added a bit of detail (even though it's meant to be simplified)

What did you do it on and how long did it take?


Ooh, yeah the colours were just randomly from memory (I think the blue is a bit too bright/saturated too)

i think it is interesting that the old editor can be identified like this too hehe:

(Not accurate, just from vague memory)

I used Paper by 53 (which lets you make, move around and duplicate the block shapes really easily :upside_down:)

As for how long it took me, probably not many minutes (I did it randomly during a class shhh... :joy: but we were talking about design-related things a bit before hehe)

And thanks for commenting, I had not thought about more detail actually :thinking::smiley: While I was doing these, I was thinking that this might be a way of how they might design aspects of the app, i think it's interesting hearing about design.


And ah okay I see :smiley: yeah I was not very precise :joy:


I think your PFP would be a cool thing to do with shapes or stragirl on paper53
Do you draw much????


I do indeed love drawing! (Although I don't really do much of anything, I just jump around from coding to drawing to creative writing to music making to resting/feeling stuck to whatever :joy:)


Have you ever tried drawing bird?


Hmm I haven't actually :smiley: but I did play around with the images here:


Wow, that's really affective, looks great!


That's really cool; if it's cleaned up, I could totally see that as a design for a phone case or something :)


That's a great idea ( it would go as a good tee - shirt design as well )


Aw hehe thanks @Dolphin_coders :blush:

And ooh that would be cool! :iphone::sunglasses:


Oops sorry I thought this was the other topic, do you what me to delete those posts???


Oh don't worry, I think it is fine! Nothing seems out of place or anything anyway :slight_smile:


It so cool and abstract that should be on a t shirt


You even have the old editor! I loved that one. It was beautiful. And fun.


I secretly miss it too, although I do really like the thought Hopscotch puts into every design the new post-iPhone editor is not as speedy for me at the moment :blush:


Ooh when you described it as abstract, I thought about some other things.

I remembered I love flat design icons, maybe these were unconsciously at the back of my mind, and me doing this as an equivalent representation for Hopscotch :upside_down::joy:

^Hopscotch code doesn't look like coloured text in a window, it is blocks :smiley:

Reminds me when I made this ages ago


And ooh that would be cool, like how the Hopscotch t-shirts have the more simplified form of the characters :smiley:

Wait it is funny because I was exploring other designs for something else, and now I remember what led to trying out this :upside_down: but the flat design icons feel like they're part of it too.


Aww man, now I miss that old layout even more.. but the new blocks and stuffs cool too.


Ooh it made me think about the avatar selector :smiley:

(The phone and background is a template from Paper)