Hopscotch Dunkin' Donuts


Yes, this has to do with hopscotch. What if there was a hopscotch dunkin' donuts? If you could walk in, chose your donut, pay and leave? Maybe it could be a game!! Like characters can go up to the counter, have a little bubble over their head saying what kind of donut they want, you drag a shape over to that character, and they would dissapear leaving money that you could tap to collect!! This might be a huge project, so I need help!!


I'll help this is cool can I be your assistant​:smile:


Thanks so much!!! Now, do you have access to hopscotch? I can code but I can't publish. Do you want to code it on your device?


Sure you can be my assistant. Actually you can be my co-leader!!!


This is an awesome idea! I'm in the middle of hosting the hopscotch Olympics which is a lot of work but when the
Contest is done, I would love to be ur assistant!
This is seriously a great idea. I love donuts. You could make like pixel art donuts


Oh yeah!!!! Thanks!! And you can be my assistant too. The thing is, I'm terrible at pixel art. If you're good that would be a great help!!


Sorry but I'm not good at pixel art... Maybe someone else is though :smiley:


Okay!! But thanks!!!


Ooh, sounds pretty cool to me! If you need help, you can tag me :smiley:


Okay i will!! Thanks!


I need an opinion on the project, should I use a shape for the donuts or a donut emoji?


Om nom nom…:yum:


I honestly don't know because the donut emoji is really good.


Oh okay lol!!!! XP XP XP


Just curious, why can't you publish?


Bc my wi-fi isnt working.


I'm good at pixel art


O okay cool!!! So, I'm thinking, at the end of the game if you win, you'd get a golden pixel art donut.
And you could help me code it to form at the end!!


I can help with the pixel art as well! I'm really good.


Okay thanks!! I will need all the help and opinions o can get!!