Hopscotch drawing requests: hairstyles



I now do drawing requests for hairstyles
Tell me what hairstyle you want drawn down below and I will draw it for you
Then you could use the hairstyle as a template of what you want to draw on a character maybe?
I will include your hopscotch username so be sure to includ wit in your request
My hopscotch username is xXIshaRulezXx
I will use imeow'is iart pad
Thanks for reading


Hi! It's cool that you are talking requests.
How about blonde hair that's kinda long?
Thank you!


I'll have 2 do it later though bcos I have to do homework :grimacing::neutral_face::expressionless::sweat:


I did your request
Check it out on my hopscotch acc xXIshaRulezXx


Cool! I saw your hair drawing, it is really good!


Thanks so much:)
Have u read the other post to do with my cp
I wrote a message to u on it


Yeah I read it. I will try my best to spread the word. Good luck! :slightly_smiling:


You definitely deserve to get lots of like from me:wink:


Thank you! Your projects are really awesome. :heart::heart::heart::heart:


Just one thing @Dude73
On your announcement it says he but I'm a she
Don't worry everyone make mistakes


Blue Fangio!
I would like blue-ish purple hair that is really long and in twin tails.


Request done
Check it out on my hopscotch acc xXIshaRulezXx


Sorry! I am not very good at guessing. Your hair drawings are great!


Don't worry and thanks