Hopscotch Draw And Guess!



I'm answering this a little late (three days isn't a little. XD), but, incorrect! :0

It's Cosmic Cody. XD


For. 20 characters. Thing. Do this< . And some letters. Will disappear.


Revival! Awesome topic XP
Anyone want to duel?


Eye shal dul u m8

Fite me

And thanks! :D


Our wifi is acting so weird right now, something's wrong with the proxy
The forum works, Google and other websites don't
But HS doesn't work.... So I have to use notability :D
Do you want to go first?


Do you want to go first? XD

I don't mind, either way is gud 5 me. :D
Turn stuff doesn't exactly matter, because in the end it's kinda a pattern. XD
If you look at it in different ways, the turns...

This is hard to explain. XD


Okey xD
What should I draw? .-. Let meh see...
:0 I'll draw the chakin I promised to draw!


May I join this epic duel?
fite me m8s


Shur m8



Doo u want fite wiht teh girafe dolfin?!


What is it! XD
It's not a chakin


Turkey! :D
It turkey m8


U win





@Giraffedolphin26 doo u want go nekcts?


Anee ruels?





No, besides only hopscotch related things (besides projects. Pls.) and the rules in the top post. XD
But I'm sure you won't violate any of them anyways. XD


Soree guise
Tehre iz slihgt deley
I cant think of anything XD


@SmilingSnowflakes @Anonymous


Star Girl! :D