Hopscotch Draw And Guess!




I was playing a game of guess the character on the drawing topic (I guess... Since we were guessing and drawing characters on the drawing topic, and on this topic we're drawing other things and characters, so the title needed to be edited lol), and I had an idea. XD

So.... This topic was created. XD


  • No inappropriate, offensive, or anything that would violate the community guidelines in posts or drawings.
  • No characters/things from outside of hopscotch.
  • No drawing things that do not exsit in hopscotch. XD
    Could you imagine how hard this game will be! XD
  • When guessing, tag the owner of the drawing you're guessing.
    To save some confusion. :D
    But... It's... Not exactly that important. XD
  • Try.
    Make sure the character/thing is at least kinda reconiszable, try your best! XD
  • Don't lie if a guess is correct or not.
    This could be really...

I had a few other rules... But these seem the most reasonable lol.
I might add more later if the rules are actually needed. XD

Needed stuff...

  • A drawing app or software (at least something that you can use one color, if you don't have a drawing app, use notes or hopscotch! That works.)
  • A timer. (I use Apple's clock app, but you can use what you want to use. XD)
  • Hopscotch (you're going to be pretty lost if you don't have hopscotch, but you could still play!)
  • The forum.
  • A smile. (Okey not really, but I just wanted to put that there. XD)

How to play!

In steps.

  1. Go to drawing app.
  2. Set the timer to 1 minute.
  3. Think of something you want to draw from hopscotch.
  4. Start the timer.
  5. Draw the stuff.
  6. Timer is up, post the drawing.
  7. Other hopscotchers reply.
  8. Once someone guesses correct, reveal.

Things you can draw...

  • Hopscotch characters.
  • Hopscotchers as their username.
    (e.g. SmilingSnowflakes would be a snowflake, Rawrbear would be a bear, Anonymous would be a question mark or a person with question mark on le face. Sorry for using you as a example! You two (and me lol) were the first two to pop up into my mind when doing this. XD)
  • Hopscotch tabs and logos.
  • Any other things hopscotch related.

A rule about this part...

Don't draw the projects. XD
It would be way too hard. XD


So basically, if I were to draw you, I could draw your username, right?


Yes! :D


Wait- in words?
Like, letters. XD


That's your choice, but it's kinda easy.

Unless you make the handwriting hard to read... :3


I drew someone's user


@Sugarisyummy is it @Huggingfluffybear? :D


Yeah it could have been little different cause @rawrbear but it was @Huggingfluffybear


No, I would draw a smiling snowflake! :P


I would write it out...

Either way is cool! XD



Kewl! :D

I'm going to try one...

Let's see how this turns out lol


Good luck lol

This is... It's missing a mouth.

I don't even... It's not as bad as some other stuff I've drawn in this game.

I guess.


I love this, I'll try and do this!


Edit.. XP


Alright, continue here! :D

It is my turn. I will start!


But... In this topic, we have to keep it hopscotch related.
Part of the rules lol.

Part of the rules I wrote lol.


Oh... XD

Forgot about that..

@PopTart0219, is it okay if we continue our game on the drawing topic?


I thought it was my turn..wat?
Or am I not in this anymore?
I just finished my drawing, I know, I'm slow XD

Plus what @SmilingSnowflakes said XP


What was the game? If it's related, post it.


Let's just turn this hopscotch related. XD

Is that okay..?

Maybe we can do something to continue this game...


Actually not really

I don't even know what I'm feeling right now.


We draw a piece (clothing, pattern, ect.) of a Animal Crossing character and say one thing about it, then we guess who it is!



I don't know..... XD

Don't go crazy with animal crossing.



I don't even know what to say right now.

I'm confused.

Really confused.

I don't even know what to do right now.