Hopscotch Down!



I can't get to the community! Please help! @Liza @Ian @alish


Hmm I just checked and it does look like that. I think we should email the Hopscotch Team.


Thanks for reaching out @KathrynJaneway ! Oh no, that must have been frustrating! Our server was down for a bit today but should be back up and running now. Sorry about that! O___o Let us know if you're still having trouble!


Yes thathappens to me sometimes, Ihave a great internet connection but hopscotch won't connect to the servers.


Eep :frowning:

We were having some problems with our server and (fingers crossed!) we've fixed them. I know it's a huge pain when you're trying to make something and. you. just. can't. So, trying to make sure that doesn't happen again!

Thanks for your patience, guys :slightly_smiling:


I think hopscotch is down again in some sort because there are a few people who can't go to their me menu! Which is really frustrating!