Hopscotch down tonight (Wed 2/17) at 11pm Eastern!



Hey ya'll!

We're updating our database tonight and will take Hopscotch offline for about an hour at 11pm Eastern today, Wednesday February 17th.

You can: make projects but they won't automatically upload during this time. Before you next log out, make sure that they've uploaded.

You can't: publish a project or play other people's projects in the community

Pro tip: If you save community projects as drafts before 11pm, you can play them that way :wink:

Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience! The amazing @awesomeonion will let us know when Hopscotch is back in action!



Ok! Thanks for the information :slightly_smiling:


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Thanks for telling us! That time doesn't really affect me, being a western-er. But I can imagine myself at 4 am playing Hopscotch... :smiling_imp:

EDIT: Just realized I'm bad at time zones! I went the wrong way! It's 8: 00 for me!!! NOOOOOOO


Thanks for the information! :smile::blush:


Thanks for this alert @Liza


This topic is now a banner. It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user.


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Thanks for the info! Though I will probably be asleep by this time :wink:
Here's for all the other time zones:
Mountain: 9:00 PM
Central: 10:00 PM
Pacific: 8:00 PM
Atlantic: 12:00 AM


Thanks for the note


Yeah, I'll be sleeping by that time, I have rarely been awake by that time. When do you think that the work will be over? What's the work that needs to be done, @Liza?


Yay! I'm just glad that I will be asleep when it's closed!
Thanks for telling us! I love being informed of new things


Thanks @PopTart0219 for making this a banner! I will be asleep then:sleeping:
But what are you going to be doing?


Thanks for reminding :wink:

Luckily my bedtime is at 10, so I won't be up at 11.


Thanks for the notice. I am already prepared!


Thanks for the info! Here's some info for certain people:

Atlantic: 12:00 AM

Eastern time zone: 11:00 PM

Central time zone: 10:00 PM

Mountain time zone: 9:00 PM

Pacific time zone: 8:00 PM

I'll be answering questions about the time zones if necessary! :smile:


Oh!!! I got so confused and thought it would be down later for me! Shoot! This is when I do my most coding!



It's going down! I'm yelling Timber! (Sorry one of my favorite songs :laughing:)

Good bye...


At least it's only about 1 hour...


You can still code! Just make sure to save your work later once we're up again :slightly_smiling: