Hopscotch down tonight (Tuesday, 1/5/2015)



Hey all,

We're going to be do some work tonight on Hopscotch from 11:30 pm - 1:30 am Eastern tonight (Tuesday, January 5th). You will still be able to make projects but you will not be able to publish them or play other people's projects during this time.

Everything will be back to normal (and even better than normal!) by 1:30am Eastern.

Thanks for your patience :slightly_smiling:


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Yes, the web player will also be down. And great idea—save stuff now, play it later. (or sleep...sleep is good!)


@Liza, Will It Say That We Have Internet?


@Liza (even though I'll be asleep)
1. Can we work on drafts?
2. Will we have to download (is that's what it's called?) our drafts back onto our iPad?


@Liza when will the new update be out?


Ill be asleep then soo. Also i wonder what ur going to be doing


:o what are you planning to add? Is it a bug fix, surprise, or something else? :o
Will the hopscorch forum be up @liza?


12 minutes left, so be sure to get everything ready people! :wink:
Also the forum probably will remain up because its a separate "game/app/program/thing" online.


Hey Hopscotchers,

Thanks for being patient with us this evening. Everything should be back to normal!

For the curious coders out there, we've been doing some work to make sure that our servers are ready to handle the load of our growing community. Tonight we had a few database chores that were best to do when no one was using the app.

Happy Coding!



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Thanks for updating servers @Liza and @thomas, we will be expecting many new hopscotchers! (The reason I'm on is because I'm sick)

Community Guidelines

Are you guys working on another update?

Edit: if you are, I have some suggestions to make it even more amazing!