Hopscotch down tonight, 4/11!



:construction_worker: Heads up: Tonight, Monday April 11th, the community will be down for an hour starting at 11pm Eastern. :construction_worker:

While the community is down, you can still make projects but you won't be able to publish them, save them, or play other people's games.

Here's the time in different parts of the world:

3pm (TUESDAY!) Auckland
4am (TUESDAY!) London
11pm New York
10pm Chicago
9pm Denver
8pm San Francisco

We noticed that the community was pretty slow to load last week (sorry if this was slowing you down, too!), and are going to upgrade our database so that it's faster for everyone.

PS: How cool is it that we have to list the time in so many different places? Love how diverse our community is :slight_smile:

Community down, twice in a row

I'll be asleep then, anyways.


Also, the activity has been working on and off for me, and remixes don't show up in my activity, but when I go to the remixes tab, there was like, 37 remixes. Are you aware of the activity problem?


Okay I will be a sleep by then!!!


4am...I won't be on at that time! So it should be ok for me :smile: Thanks for letting us know!


Thanks for telling us! I am going to use that time to code! :smile:


Thanks for telling us! :smile:
I'll publish my quiz tomorrow then!


Alright! Thanks @liza! I'm going to put this as a banner if that's ok


This topic is now a banner. It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user.


Oh okay @liza im glad im asleep by then!


Wait that's tonight im still fine though


That's exactly what this is about–Hopscotch has been very buggy because the database/servers haven't been very fast recently, and like you said, activity is weird. That's why they're upgrading the whole database! :slight_smile:

10th like! :D


I'll be asleep by then!


Is there going to be an announcement in Hopscotch too?


Most likely, yes. Probably. Maybe, depends on Liza.
Slightest chance, not decidable at the moment by us.
Insert other synonyms here


Thanks for telling us that.


Hmmm.... sweden.... I will sleep.


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Possibly, hopefully, perhaps, perchance, conceivable,


They're updating the database, so no app reinstallation. It's just improving the speed and quality on hopscotch. That interferes with the ability for us to access hopscotch at the certain time, so Liza is announcing this announcement to inform us.