Hopscotch Direct?


Please read all of it if you want the full idea, also please don’t lock this and thank you :).

Hi, this is only an idea and not official… that’s if you know what a Nintendo Direct is.
A lot of people have been talking about a Hopscotch convention or E3 recently and I think this could be the solution to those topics. An announcement for upcoming anticipated games in Hopscotch, kind of like a Nintendo Direct.
If you don’t know what a Nintendo Direct is, then I will summarize it in up to one sentence. They announce anticipated 1st and 3rd party games every 1-2 months. I was thinking that Hopscotch could possibly have the same formula.

It could show upcoming games from some of the biggest creators on hopscotch, such as:
@CreationsOfaNoob obviously
@Madi_Hopscotch_ if she is still around
And many more…

I hope my idea gets out to the Hopscotch Team though!

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That’s basically what the project update topic is for, people can post their upcoming projects there.
And it’s their choice whether or not they wanna post upcoming projects. If they do, it can be done in the project update topic

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