Hopscotch Diary (not a book)



Ok guys this is a fun thing that I sort of !

So, this topic is going to be about what happened in HF for example something like this . U can participate by clicking the green button :arrow_upper_right:

3rd of September
Yey @Hermione got a regular ! - by Hermione
@Maltese weld one for featured - by @smishsmash
@WinningMonkey got a project with 219 likes! - By @WinningMonkey

It's cool right but one thing

Everything has to be related to hopscotch ! And don't forget to put your name at the end !

@Intellection74 what do u think about this topic !

No negative things pls !!! :D

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3rd of September
Yey this topic was made - by Hermione
@KawaiiRose is bomb - kawaiirose

4th of September
Rainboom decided to make a MacDonalds Simulator! :D - By Rainboom


@Maltese @smishsmash wow u are fast !



Kewl topic!


Thx " Leader/Senpai/awesome" @smishsmash


I think this is really cool! It's interesting to see everyone's accomplishments, and how everyone has learned new things and changed in a positive way because of Hopscotch/the Hopscotch forum. :smiley:


Thanks !
That words cheered me up a lot !
Yey !



Thicks so much senpai :D


Kewl topic!!!!! :thumbsup: