Hopscotch Debating Club!



Hi Everyone

I'm back again , with a club. I want to make this one a successful one , so feel free to join this whenever you want to !
Credit to @StarryDream
Username :
Will you be active :
Will you help others :
Do you have any advice for other people :
Also , will you remain loyal and try not to start a flame war :

How Club Trust Levels Work

Trust level 1 Novice

:Participate in the club

Trust level 2 Member

Participate and suggest ideas
@Kitty4U @kenlauescuadro

Trust level 3 Regular

Point out mistakes in posts, vote in activities that require voting, invite people to the club, (must be confirmed by leader+)

Trust level 4 Leader

Confirm new rules, add new rules, come up with club activities, demote anyone who continuously breaks club rules on purpose, confirm additions to the club (so can moderaters and admin,) set club activities, participate/open in private discussions, start open-to-everyone discussions, promote other club members up to Member

Trust Level 5: Moderator

Set club activities, veto any new rules added by power trust levels, expel anyone who continuously breaks club rules on purpose, promote other club member up to Leader

Every trust level can do the same things as the levels before them.All trust levels can: Participate in activities. All debates should be appropriate

Questions for Leaders+ Promotion

Do you have enough time to be a Leader?
Can you come up with good activity ideas?
Will you be proactive as a Leader?
Do you mind being tagged?
Will you be a good Leader and take good care of H.D.C. with the other Leaders+?
Are you capable of cooperating with others?
And most importantly
Do you WANT to be a Leader?

Would you promise me that you will take responsibility as a Mod?
Do you want to be a Mod?
most importantly
If yes, do you think that you are ready to be Mod?

Leaders +

@silverdolphin , @ExquisiteSoup , @Houseelf87 , @Ihasfluffycupcake

ADMIN - @silverdolphin & @ExquisiteSoup




Silverdolphin (^○^)

Hopscotch Debating Club (leaders + )
Miss Listie

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Hey, @Silverdolphin, I can create a wiki post for you?

Also this seems like a cool club, but doesn't it seem similar to a few other clubs?


Username : ExquisiteSoup
Will you be active : Yes
Will you help others : Yes
Do you have any advice for other people : I think that you should always listen to the other person and remember that the point of a debate is to learn more.
Also , will you remain loyal and try not to start a flame war : Yes.

I hope I get in!


Username : Houseelf87
Will you be active : YAS
Will you help others : isn't it obvi
Do you have any advice for other people : I think that debates should not turn into flame wars
Also , will you remain loyal and try not to start a flame war : YES I WILL BE A LOYAL LITTLE PONY


I guess I'm novice, right? Who do you get to the next level?


@ExquisiteSoup and @Houseelf87 , welcome to H.D.C. , Look in the trust levels to find what trust level you are !


Woah! I'm already a moderator? Thank you so much!


Would anyone like to start a friendly debate with me? You can choose the subject if you would like. :D


A new rule- all the debate topics should be appropriate


And thanks for making me leader!


Why the Internet is and is not important

Mine- I think the Internet is important to get to know new people, see new things and, obviously, YouTube.


I think that the internet is extremely important. Without the internet, many people would have no idea of what is going on in the world. However, the internet is also very bad for us. We can get addicted, and reject the "real world".


I think you make a point. The Internet can become bad for us. But imagine, without all those Google doodles, we'd never have known Einstein's birthday!


Yeah. :D
Also, I was once in a period of severe depression because of cyber b.ullying.


Username: Ihasfluffycupcakes
Will you be active: yes
Will you help others: yes
Do you have any advice for other people: If anyone else is joining this, I beg ya not to act offended and say "You could have made it nicer by adding a emote". Why? It's because it kinda "activates" my fear that I am not innocent enough for this forum.. It's fine if someone says "Could you please try to make that statement less offending?" just don't tell me to add an emoticon. A brief way to explain this is that it makes me a little uncomfortable..
Also, will you remain loyal and try not to start a flame war: Of course.


You're in! Welcome to HDC! I'll ask @Silverdolphin what trust level you should be at.


Club activity Number 1!

Why do you believe debating is important? Please provide details and facts.
Thank you!



It is because it can improve your skills on gathering information, and explaining it. It's also good that we can debate in this topic because if you do it in any other topic and don't say it's a debate, people will end up thinking they should stop when nothing's wrong with it.


It really helps you have an opinion in life , which is important at times !