Hopscotch Debating Club (leaders + )


Leaders plus topic for Hopscotch Debating Club!:


If you are not a leader or a moderator for my club get out before I dump a bucket of water over your head !

Leaders + are :


Hi! What exactly do we do on this topic?


I think we should come up with a debate topic


@ExquisiteSoup , we discuss stuff to do with the club !

@Ihasfluffycupcakes a good idea. What should our topic be ?


How about roleplaying? more explanation:

Some people like to use hopscotch like a roleplaying website. They will usually ask someone if they want to roleplay, and then they keep on remixing each other's projects, adding words. It usually barely has any code put into it, and some people want it to be banned, while others want it to stay how it is.


A very good idea @Ihasfluffycupcakes !!!


I have a new idea

How about :
Should remixes of other people projects be put on featured?

Explaination :
When some people remix other peoples' projects , they feel bad and they asked for it to be removed , but the remixer becomes really excitied by all the likes that come through but they can also feel bad :pensive: when it was not them when they made the project


I think that's a good idea!


Thanks !

I will post it now


I have a question. What about debates that could start a flame war if you're a less experienced member?


I think we could do something as leaders, and "shut down" the debate, meaning not continue the debate or else it breaks the rules.


@ExquisiteSoup , I think we can think that through together. Imagine you were someone who liked to start flame wars , what debates would you choose ?

@Ihasfluffycupcakes , you are now a walking ideas! Brilliant! You can start doing it now