Hopscotch Debate V2


So now let us revive the amazing Hopscotch Debate Squad!

First agenda: Who will be my Co-leader?

@KarmicSans618 @Ella_13
@GiraffeProductions @SimplySouthernGurl
@Awesome_giraffe @Potter_Head
@EsteemedTrout @Murphy1
@Sparkczy (will be back)
@Deadfr @EnchantedAnimallover


Ok so @Awesome_giraffe, @KarmicSans618, @GiraffeProductions, @EsteemedTrout, and @Deadfr haven't been around and @Sparkczy is not back until August.


All of the crossed out people have not been around often (except @Sparkczy, who's gone until the end of July/the beginning of August).

I will accept more people into this debate squad.

The "Get people here" tool



I take it you're hosting another debate?

Sorry I'm in the other one :slight_frown:


What do you want me here for?


Nope, this is just a reboot.


Making projects? Solving Maths. What?


If you want to join, you can join. I'm not pressuring you though.


I'm asking what is this all about.


Of an old debate?

Still can't join soz


We debate about HSF/HS issues and stuff.


Oh, na I don't want to join.



And ok

Btw since this is a reboot, SBYP doesn't apply here.


Never posted it here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok so my squad seems to have no leg room after the new debate team.


Oh well, I'll continue it anyways.


And these are le teams:
Team A:
Team B:


Kewl :00000000


Hai MobCraft c:
I hope the debate starts soon!


Our team will win :smiley:
Anyways I'm close to my daily limit for my iPad usage so the debates will start