Hopscotch Debate Topic [Rebooting]



I'd like to make a debate. I am fully aware that there are topic just like this, but I want to try something new with different people. In this friendly debate, we will talk about hopscotch issues, or even real life issues. In real life issues, we will: make a team banner on hopscotch for both teams; and a team motto or other code related things.

Note: If we stumble across a time like this, each team must make their banner or they will be disqualified.

This is going to be how it's going to work.

I'm not going to "choose" anyone to join except for the leaders of both teams. The leaders of both teams have a choice of selecting their recruits.

Debate 1 Leaders:

@Gilbert189 - :red_circle:

@BuildASnowman - :large_blue_circle:

The debate has now started!
Click here to see: http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/hopscotch-debate-topic-preparing/20158/236?u=anonymous


Congratulations to:
Team Blue: @BuildASnowman

Team Red: @Gilbert189

For getting selected! If you were not selected, do not worry! There will be other debates!

Now, each team needs to come up with a banner. You can discuss in a different topic (@BuildASnowman and @Gilbert189 can create if they would like to) or right here. This banner has to be made in hopscotch, and will represent your team. Ideas might include: Blue BuildaSnowmen, Red Gilbertos, etc. with decorations

These are due on the 27th !1!1!1! But the earlier, the better.

In the meantime, you can also brainstorm what you want to say.

The debate topic is:

Is peer pressure beneficial, or harmful?

Team Red: Harmful
Team Blue: Beneficial

Good luck!


*awkward silence*


Wait this is open? XD


I shouldn't post anyways cuz I wasn't picked

So bye

Awkward silence broken lol


Wait, what was moved here…?


Wait wut

Y did I get a notification from Gilbert?


Ahhh shucks I'm not selected


Sry @kiwicute2016 @giraffedolphin26


You disappoint me. XD

I wish that Anon will an exception for you. XD


Wait what


Awwww me too :disappointed:


Next time frens!


@Gilbert189 @BuildASnowman try to start asap


Well I'll wait for the next round I guess if not this round :stuck_out_tongue:


I can add you in! If I can get another person who wants to go in too


Whoever replies next who isn't @OrangeScent1 or in already can join if they want to
@Bubbles4Ever929 do u?


If I'm able to, do I get team blue since KC and GD picked me or do I have to wait for the captain to pick


are we starting this or……?


I don't want to and I'll just do it next round :D.

Because I want to see what you do.

So no.


I am secretly BAS so...

Team Blue Debate Topic!