Hopscotch Debate Squad [FULL]



(btw I have @Kiwicute2016's approval)
I'm starting a debate squad! We'll discuss some forum/HS issues.

Hopscotch Debate!

Is it open to join? You might want to add more description!

I'll totally join if I can tho!


I'll do it, I guess!!
I see you @SmileyAlyssa, XD


Do you have debate topics in mind? How many people are you taking, and will there be teams? Sorry I have a lot of questions. :smile:


May I join?

I may be smiley but I'm very argumentative XD




I feel like I have not talked to u in forever


i know right!?!
I've been pretty busy, because of track. It takes up my afternoons, every day. Right now I'm on the bus heading to my last track meet, so I'll be way more active!


I wish you the best of luck!!!!
Go Alyssa!!


Oh! This sounds cool! Can I join?


This is a Great Idea! I love it! :sparkling_heart: Can I join, too?


Can I join too?debate on 20 dollars to see how I debate.
Okay I only got FIVE dollars and others are getting TWENTY so I should get 5 cause it is the same stereo. So decide if I can join xD


Can I help? I want to start one at my school


You guys are in!

To answer your questions @DragonLover975, I have a few debate topics in mind (some of the hot issues on the forum). I'll take a lot of people (I'll close this once I think there are enough people) and yes, I will have teams.


@PercyJackson9 I saw that edit XD


I'll join, then! This sounds like a fun debate!


Is that bad?


How I feel:




I choose that cause I was watching it. okay I gbot