Here is a vid
I am called DA-BEAST (hopscotch)


I love your thing!

I'm watching it over and over again!


Cool! At the end there was fanf sister location and another YouTuber and was like OMG XD. The video is awesome!!!


What types of videos are you going to do?


I am gonna have toutorials and playing other peeps stuff


I'm not used to u tube so
Yeah... don't judge


https://youtu.be/mL5Tuw3n6a0 Here's another one...


https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCAS9PKnDFRrK-aUixM7UyHg I think this is the account


Anyone here? I still got no likes and one subscriber


Your voice though. Sounds soothing.


Thanks, that's my usual voice! Ask FOODY if u want proof


Oh, it sounds very different to my voice. Mine has a accent. English.


"Thing....... Yea"


Yeah, mine has liek no accent at all! Just a DA-BEAST voice! :joy:


Yeah, my catch phrase... "thing...Yeah"


Hi @fooddelivery I see u


Its his real voice, but it sounds a little higher cos i guess you were closer to the microphone when you were talking


I got a low voice? U alway say I sound liek a mouse compared to u... :mouse:


hi @FoodDelivery and @DA-BEASTY


YOu dont have a low voice XD but your voice in the video is a tiny bit higher