Hopscotch Cyberbulling



You Might Know Me As Fun Time Wormy On Hopscotch And I Have Seen Some Cyberbulling Going On In Hopscotch, I Think This Is Wrong, Some People Curse At Other People And Some People Say Mean Things About People, This Should Stop Now!


It should stop now, but it's not going to happen. Some people wil change, and others won't.


Exactly! The best we can do is warn newer people, and report consistent bullies


If You Want To See A Example Of Bulling Look On Elemental​:zap:️'s Account


Actually Never Mind, Some Of His Mean Things Got Reported So You Can't See Them


And then I just saw his account and reported some projects and didn't find bullyin.g because the projects got reported and removed from Hopscotch.


Of course it will stop and nice post / discussion you are doing the right thing and that's caring for other thank you!


Your Welcome! I Just Want To Stop Cyberbulling!


Thank you I know it's a big deal and thanks for helping


I Want To Stop Hopscotch Cyberbullying Because It's Mean To Others On Hopscotch And It Happend To Me Before


I can write an essay, or I could collab write with @SnowGirl_Studios about it if you want. :smile:


Um, That's Not How It Works


Ok, Please Stop Now, That's Not How It Works


You can only control yourself. (Actually, your brain controls you.) Some people will change, but others won't.

You may want them to, though.


Please Tell SabotageWaring To Stop


Please, this is not the time and topic. If you keep it up, you will be flagged. :wink:


No thanks. Just a lot of hate will come to me.


Alright. I understand. :)


The doc kind of explains everything.. our last one got some hate because of me and i don't want you to go through that


I am on potato now. :smile: