Hopscotch Currency


A feature I’d like to see in Hopscotch is:

Code Coins. (please dont use pay to win)
Code Coins are virtual currency that you can get by:
Have Views or Likes On Your Project By Other Players
Win Or Be a finalist on a hopscotch challenge.
You can use code coins to buy things, Such as
Cool Lookin’ Characters (ex:Robo 2.0, Mechillana,Monstree)
Profile Pics (ex:Bear with a code block)
Fortune Tokens (explaining later)
And maybe, a 7 day of a subscription free trial!
Did you noticed i mention “Fortune Tokens”?
You can use it to talk with Discobot the great! (fortune)
Discobot the great will grant great things if you’re lucky.
If you’re lucky, you could get:
100 Code Coins
5 Fortune Coins
Exclusive Profile Pics (only on discobot the great) [ex:Genie,One of the hopscotch developers]
if you’re not lucky you could get:
-10 Code Coins
Profile Pic Replaced with the :face_with_hand_over_mouth: emoji.


This would be cool to have!

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This is a well presented idea!

The only thing I am not so sure about is the pfp image changes, some people have the older ones (like me) and would like to keep them without having to ask the curators to add it back for us if that happens. I can also see the idea of money getting a little out of hand, but otherwise it sounds coolio :wink:


Which would be achievable through JSON editing

This is a cool idea! I think you could also buy them with money. It’d be nice to get them from a feature, game cahanger, etc.

Overall, tht just needs more uses for a subscription and not have the 15 project limit


That’s a great idea!


Maybe… I’m not sure…


Nice idea, but I am not sure if people would feel missing out or not if they don´t have something that some other hop have.


I approve this idea

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This is a good idea


That’s not very convenient for some users. I do understand you can use coins with apps like DrawCast and FrameCast, but using them on Hopscotch is another story.


Did you guys noticed that i spelled pay to win wrong?


I did notice. And I thought for a bit… to conclude nothing


I have suggested a more roblox-ish type of code coin. Where people put features in games that can only be accessed using Code Coins that other users trade real currency for (or get through a Hopscotch subscription). I suggested this because it motivates people to code good projects and gives THT funds to continue creating Hopscotch. When you come up with an idea, you have to think about how it will be profitable to both the company and the users.


No, not roblox

That means Hopscotch will run into a heavily monetized mess like tynker

I was suggesting to make the codecoins a bit harder to earn


Feature = 10HC
Game Changer = 50HC

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Btw, tynker only lets pc users to have 35 free plays before you have to buy sub

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I said “like roblox”. Did you read my whole post?


Yes, that’s what I meant

Roblox isn’t very generous with their virtual currency as we all know it

If the monetization became like roblox, this might drive users away

It only benefits hopscotch and not coders and that’s probably not the purpose of hopscotch

We should make codecoins more of an incentive instead of a product


Happy birthday yusamac


Sí. (yes).

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