Hopscotch Curators


It would be fun to be a curator, but then I wouldn’t get any features because I would feel weird featuring my own project and it would feel like nothing if I featured myself


Congrats on the feature btw


Congratulations on being a HOPSCOTCH curator!


Thank you so much for you both liking my projects!!!


Hi @Madi_Hopscotch_ and @SmileyAlyssa I have a game you should feature. It’s called don’t tap the emoji by @UnicornRainbow it’s really fun here it is:


You can nominate it here

Also you can tag them both by doing @hopscotch-curators


drags link to nominations for featured


Great delta rune profile pic! @OnceUponATime


I’d like to thank both because of their commitment with the HS community, you’re doing such a great work @SmileyAlyssa & @Madi_Hopscotch_!


@Ana @hopscotch-curators could I plz get the bear avatar? My acc is NinjaBearGames