Hopscotch Curators


What do you mean by team? I am interested to hear about your idea :smiley:


Like there would be the HS Curators (you and Smiley Alyssa) and they can feature and look for projects to feature. But their “team” won’t be able to feature projects but they can look for projects to feature. The positive side of this is that there will be more people on the team and they can search every corner of HS


Also maybe there could be two different teams, one for like art(visual art, Trail art, pixel art) and the other can be for coding. The art team can look for just visual art but they can also look at coded projects that are Trail and pixel art.


I didn’t know who to go to but are you allowed community accounts??? As in you make a profile and give people the password for it and they go and make projects on that account.


Yep, it’s allowed and it’s been done before. If you give the password out to the public, it becomes an easy target for people to “hack” (delete all the projects, basically)


Well I just made a profile called The Community
(The password is The Community)


@ToastedSamurai I lounged your topic because it looks like it may be traumatised. If you want to see it you should go back to your old account. Just trying to help :D
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Were there any flame wars or anything?


Not on your topic, but I could see that it would be next.


Hi Alyssa. How can I get featured?


Hi @ChibiTaco!

We generally try to follow this criteria when looking for possible projects to feature, so one way to get on featured is by following this list:

(Here’s the link to another post on how to get featured: Nominations for Featured!)

You can also nominate your project for featured, to make sure one of us curators see it! Here’s the topic for that: Nominations for Featured 2!

We usually can tell when someone has worked hard on a project, so just doing that will really help as well! Putting in effort that extra details will really make a difference.

I hope these tips help! Also, keep in mind that we usually plan what we will feature before it goes onto featured. Personally, I pick out the projects I’m going to feature at least 1-2 days in advance (however that changes based on my schedule). :smiley:


Wow I never realised how easy it was!


Thx Alyssa, I have a trail art but it’s soooo bad it will never be featured


CONGRATULATIONS SMILEY ALYSSA! On your Hopscotch account I recently scrolled all the way down to your first project! You have truly come a long way since your first day on Hopscotch. I want you to know… YOU ARE A HUGE INSPIRATION FOR ME! Thank you thank you for helping Hopscotch to live up to your username… Smiley!


Bye! Panda Studios


Thank you so much, that means a ton to me! :smile: and congratulations on your recent features! :tada:



SmileyAlyssa. Replied. OMIGOSH. THANK YOU SO MUCH SMILEYALYSSA! You are a big inspiration to me!!!


I might be a little late, but I totally agree with you!


happy birthday


How do you become a hopscotch curator? If you need any more please choose me! I want to be one soooo bad


@Madi_Hopscotch_ can you please feature my project hooked? It would mean the world to me!