Hopscotch Curators


I mean i tried with the sans battle but


Hi @hopscotch-curators!
Do u do starter projects aswell??


Can you explain what you mean by starter projects?


Like the Starter Projects category. They haven’t updated it in awhile though…


Oh, thanks!
To answer your question @Stal98 no, we don’t do those yet. :slight_smile:


Congratulations @SmileyAlyssa and @Madi_Hopscotch_!!!

This sounds this is a great idea!

@Liza, is there a certain age limit to be a volunteer?


I would love if there is a place for an application. Maybe not on the forum, but on the Hopscotch website. That way people can submit an application with their parent’s email and have some other emails of adults who would recommend the Hopscotcher (e.g. a teacher, extracurricular leader.) I dunno if that would be too elaborate or not.


Congrats guys! That is a huge responsibility, and I know you are the right choices and will live up to the expectations! Good luck!


Congrats you guys! That’s so cool!
Two of my greatest senpais working as a team oh my gosh XD


I am pretty sure they don’t want everyone to be a Hopscotch Curator. I think 2 is a perfect amount.


@SmileyAlyssa @Madi_Hopscotch_ Great job! Glad to see y’all helping out. You guys will be perfect!

@Madi_Hopscotch_ I have always loved your taste and style for every project you made. Feel free to add any of your projects to featured because in my opinion, there awesome! Good luck!

@SmileyAlyssa Well, I have to admit that through all the years I have been on Hopscotch, I really did not see you around too much. I mean, I knew you were around and I knew that everyone seemed to like you but I never knew you too well. But, I do think you will be a nice curator.


How could anyone miss her shoot game last year? The physics in it were amazing.


Are there any requirements to be a curator? Like maybe you have to have joined in 2014?


Wooahhh CONGRATULATIONS @SmileyAlyssa @Madi_Hopscotch_!!
Your both truly amazing Hopscotchers With amazing talents!!


I am not sure, maybe just having a lot of experience with Hopscotch.


My first thought was “Yes! @SmileyAlyssa is active again!”
Also this is a good idea!


Hello @Liza! I know that the main task of @hopscotch-curators is to feature projects, but I have been wondering about something. To keep discussions accurate, maybe you could think about choosing something like @forum-curators (it’s not an actual forum username). This account could close and merge topics, create groups and so on. To make it easy for them to manage the huge amount of requests that might be included in moderating the forum, maybe that account just could close/open/merge and create things by request (they aren’t actually looking and reading all topics in detail)?

This was just a thought and an idea that I had. The forum is amazing as it is right now already :slight_smile:


That sounds like I really good idea because the other mods aren’t on very much


Or maybe, they could become leader on their personal accounts


Hmmmm I am thinking there could be people who are on the Curators “team” and they look for good HS projects to feature