Hopscotch Curators Q&A!



Hi Hopscotchers! We’re the Hopscotch curators, you can find more information about us here: Hopscotch Curators! We help the Hopscotch Team by choosing projects to feature. :smile:

This is our Question and Answer topic, so ask us anything! :smiley:


Nominations for Featured 2!

Can you update Starter Priects? It hasn’t been updated in awhile…


We don’t update that tab, we only choose projects for featured and rising. (Also happy birthday! :))


I don’t know if this is on topic but, are any of you coding anything? :smiley:


We just finished making this project together: https://c.gethopscotch.com/p/z5bxapbym :smile: And we are both working on a few projects on our own accounts!


Okey thanks, I saw that and wondered if it was you to

You did a poll the other day, what was the project that people want more featured?


Are you guys doing bestof2017?


Most people voted that they want to see more games.


That’s a good question, I don’t really know! I don’t think we are. :thinking:


How do you feature projects?


We have access to an online account where we can get the projects we want to feature and the click “Add to featured.” :slightly_smiling_face: It’s actually pretty easy to do!


Did Lisa choose who the hsc were?


Yes, I think all the members of THT decided.


Do you just feature projects or do you do other tabs?
(Last question)


We currently feature projects on featured and rising!


Ok cool!
Bye I gtg


Do you only work on featuring projects?



Wow hi @hopscotch-curators i see i missed a lot

Nominations for Featured!

Hey hopscotch curators.! What do you look for in a featurable project?
Good colors, cool coding, etc,