Hopscotch Crashed!



Okay, so when I opened Hopscotch, it was fine for a few minutes. Then, it crashed. I tried to open it again. I saw the "Hopscotch Unexpectedly Quit" sign for a brief moment, then it crashed again! I tried one more time, and the SAME thing happened. What should I do? Thanks!
-Catface4 / Now iMercury


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Try closing the app, and then reopening. If that doesn't work, try deleting and reinstalling hopscotch.


Hmm... are you using an old iPad? If not, you may need to update Hopscotch. :wink:


I wouldn't recommend emailing them. They are constantly being emailed about every little problem, and often about things that people can easily solve on their own. I wouldn't want to add another thing to deal with, which has also probably been stated by a couple hundred people.


@SigmaCodes, I don't agree. :wink: THT mentioned that it was fine to be emailed. Good point though, only one person should email.


That happened to me once! Just delete the app, and download it again! PS: Make sure you know your user name and password, since you need to login again after you redownload it. PPS: Also, avoid doing what you did to make HS crash, or it will probably happen again!


Oh no! Contact help@gethopscotch.com and they'll fix the problem!
thinks oh no, I'm starting to sound like a robot! noooooooo


That happened to me once with a different app. I deleted it and reinstalled it, then it worked great! :grinning:


Okay, I reinstalled Hopscotch & logged into my current account. It seems to be working now. Thanks guys!