Hopscotch Courtroom!


I’m a prosecutor and an attorney I called it


I can’t wait for a case!


Wait jonathan.sholty did copy my pizzas or someones project but i mean they still kinda make some cool projects that i think actually were made by him…


He follows me so I regularly check his account


This is the best
anyone play ACE ATTORNEY


Yeah, i think everyone that likes him he starts to follow.


They also accused me of copying projects when almosta ll theirs are copied.


Thats what i kinda do… not really idk


I am Watching this topic


Somebody did this on another forums, they said that they saw it here… Oof. It started a mess.

But I’m a little confused, is this a game or what?


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :anguished: woah, really? Is your name panthera on hs


It’s DragonOfDarkness actually


I do @Kitty4U,


Lol i dont really know…

Is this a gt?


Okie let me check it out


On my old acc that i sometimes go on, yes. On my main account that I’m active on, it’s DragonOfDarkness as DMF said.


Ok, why didnt you publish anything? (No offense, you dont have to answer this)


? What do you mean?


Can I be a lawyer?
I took a class on how to be one.
I’m a really good lawyer for both sides