Hopscotch Costing Money



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Has Hopscotch Already Put A Cost On The App Because When I Went Into The App Store On My Mums IPad For My Sister To Play On This Is What It Showed

When You Go On Any Price, It's There

But When You Go On Free It's Not There

Can Someone Please Tell Me If Hopscotch Has Now Put A Cost On The App

What is going on?
Your starting point and history on the forum!

THT are going to charge a subscription fee for extra features :D


Yeah I looked at it when I was trying to get ideas and it said 9.99


Yea But Have They Already Done That


That's the school version.


When I went into it though it didn't look like the school version. Nothing really different. :| I also found out there was an update on my birthday.


Screenshot? The paid features wouldn't be charged on the app as you buy it, it'd be a subscription.


I thought they were starting the subscription in July? :D


@WinningMonkey, is this what you saw?
I'm kinda confused right now. :sweat_smile:





I didn't think they were going to charge for it so soon! But that's ok, it's worth it for sure. :D


That's a lotta updates XD



I was just grabbing that. (The screenshot)


Oh wow, they made it cost 10 dollars? I thought it wasn't gonna be a pay to play thing...


Weird... That seems to go against everything Liza was planning.


Yeah, cause she said it was gonna be a subscription thing and they wanted to avoid a pay to play thing...


Yup that's one of the things I saw


I was going to make a topic on this!!

But then I forgot!! XD


You do know that you don't have to capitalize all letters


That was the school edition


Yea I Just Think It Looks Better