Hopscotch controller?



I made a sketch

I don't really know what else to say what's your opinion?




That is SO cool!! Are you using that in a project, or did you make it just for fun? Great job, I love it! Super creative. :smiley:


That looks so awesome! How did you get the idea?



I don't think hopscotch has the money to do that .-.

But that looks cool! When I get home I'm going to try something...


Thank you! :D

I was bored so I just drew it XD


Oh and I do wis they can add controller support.


You actually inspired me because you had the tablet controller thingy


Thanks! :D

I was bored lol


I though that xD.


should I tag them? .... nah they'll be annoyed probably


That's such a cool idea! :D


Thanks! :D




Wait could this somehow work with coding? :0


That's so cool!


Thanks! :3


Wait you remember my controller thing?

If hopscotch came to Android, then I might be able to do that :0




This is kewl Senpai!



Wrong person?