Hopscotch Contest! {8 MORE SPOTS, PLZ JOIN!}


I'm making a Hopscotch contest.
16 people are allowed to enter, and there will be 8 teams of 2. To make it challenging, the teams will be randomly picked. Please enter!

Each round will be based on a theme and the team needs to code a project with that theme. Each team will be randomly picked to verse another team. The team with the best project advances to the next round.


And that's pretty much it!

The contest will begin tonight if all of the spots fill up.




Can you please add more details? I don't really understand. :wink:


What other details do you need?


Please enter guys! I'm really excited to have a contest and I don't want it to be a failure like my last one. :frowning:


I want to join!


Username: Stick88




Calling everyone that's online! Please join! Please join!


Prizes will be bug and large! It will be a fun contest! Please join guys!


My forum username or HS?

My HS is KawaiiPixie :comet:


I guess I'll join
Username: RubyWolf


I'll join!! My username is DancingPineapples.


Everyone else, join before time runs out! There are only 12 more spots!


I will join, my username in HS is also Dude73. Just wondering, will there be brackets, themes and stuff?


Yes. I have a brackets tab open on Google and I'm ready to generate it just when I get 11 more ppl

There will be themes

And I'm pretty sure there will be stuff :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue:


This is a good and fun idea! Good Job! Would like if I could! :heart:


Soooo..... Are you joining?


Sorry I can't! I'm way to busy. :grin:


Guys please join!
please please please!


Making this at the top of latest


I'll join