Hopscotch-con! PLS LOOK! THT can we do this? blah now planning? my idea post here



what if @liza @Rodrigo @Montoya we did a hopscotch convention? we could meet hsers IRL. any ideas? yay @PixelMaster64

Would it be cool to have a meet and greet with all the hopscotchers you know and love?
Hopscotch Meet-Up
Topic for people who don't know who is on or who isn't



XD I did it!




any ideas?


I already gave u my ideas

They could find where most of the hopscotchers live and then go to that state


If that was real

I probably not go cuz im a weak wimpy pancake that can flap easily


welp Illinois


wut why


Flappy hotdog


my breads expired and flops so much and hopscotchers can tear me so


you guys could go together and I could just drive


Watch mythbusters rob


what no they wouldn't id be hiding in the corner


Kids can't drive


I knew you would say that




Hops live all around the world and they probably wouldn't have a large turnout.


lol wait I had a poll somewhere on where ppl live


That's a bad idea because everyone would wanna kill me