Hopscotch-con: Planning!



Here was Rodrigo's reply on a convention topic. To sum it up, he said us, the Hopscotchers, will have to plan it out, since THT will be far too busy. We'll need to look for venues, and basically what we'll even do there, like what he suggested in the post above.
It might not be possible but it'll be cool planning it out!
Credit to Murphy1 for the topic. (Also, lots more for the idea.)


I would not go, because my parents would not let me so..

I don't know how to, "plan it"
I'm just a kid.


Then we have do decide where this would be because hopsotchers live all over the world! Or could we have multiple of them?


I would not be able to go, my mom and dad (and a little bit me) are not gonna want to drive all the way over to something like that with our really big family.

It would be fun, just not something I would be able to do.

If it does happen, then have fun lol


It would have to be around NYC so that THT could get there for a very low cost. Instead of a plane ticket it would be a bus fare. They could possibly host it in a local school that encourages coding and would allow THT to have it there for a lower price.


Or like a big restaurant tha would be ok with that!



cant we plan on the other topic


Like a buffet...?


uhh im getting upset got to let it somewhere


I asked my mom, and she agreed to be one of the adults to email THT about it, if we need that. What do you guys think?


OMG thanks

Pls do so
@Rodrigo could you merge with other hopscotch con thingy


I don't understand why you're upset. Could you explain? :D


Guys, if we are serious enough to do this, this would be great!

I'll ask my parents. I'm sure they would be happy to also email. I'll see though.

One struggle is finding a date that works for everyone....


It would be sort of impossible, but we could ask who wants to go, and then we can find dates according to that. We also have to figure out how long the event is going to be. We have to consider people that are having jet-lag over different time zones.


Yah. This seems difficult to plan.

Another downfall, is because we are mostly kids, getting sponsors and booking venues would be kind of hard.

Sorry for being a downer I'm just trying to honk of some logical solutions :blush:


I would love to go! But I would have to tell my mom and dad that I do HF, (they don't know that)


Yeah, that part we definitely need to know.
That's probably one of the largest obstacles.
So, for locations, where would be the best place?
And how many people are planning to go?


My parents don't know directly, like I haven't told them, "Hey. I use the forum." But they've seen me using it, and I told them what it is, and sometimes they're like, "What are you doing?" And I'm like, "Using the Hopscotch Forum."


Well I will help you plan it here for now
What thing should be in the Hopscptch-con?

  • Hopscotch posters
  • Hopscotch logo decorated for cupcakes
  • Everyone to bring their devise (to play Hopscotch, duuu!)
  • Collab activities
  • Meet and greet
  • Hopscotch Game Center (HS youtubers bing their YT channel to life!)
  • A booth that connects to your HS username


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That's all I got for now! Votes are public!


Well, my dad saw me using it. But he doesn't really know what it is. But I'm pretty sure my mom will ground me for as much time I was on HF (a year)