Hopscotch computer bugs



I go on the forum on my computer. Sometimes when it is loading, a notification pops up saying the script is bugged, and has some options. One of them is "debug script", which brings up code when you press it. It doesn't bother me, it just seems strange because the forum is the only website where this notification comes. Can someone tell me why this happens? Thanks!


It means there's a bug you came across! Can you give me more details about what you were doing and what happened? I'll post it on Discourse meta! :smile:


Ok! I think it happens mostly when I press the back button on my computer to go back to the previous page. Since it is not happening now, I found a screenshot on the internet of what it looks like. It doesn't look exactly like this, but it is the closest thing I cook find. I am on Firefox though, not chrome.


Thanks! I'll send it now! :smile:

EDIT: @codingCupcake123, Which buttons were there and which weren't? What did it say?


All were there. Just a different look, as I am on a mac. Also like I said, I am on Firefox. but all the buttons are the same.


I searched before I posted, and @sam explained this:

Ember is a program that loads code, and by rows, I think he means rows of code. I don't know what the badges are :stuck_out_tongue:

@BuildASnowman, can you say anything about this?


Thanks! Not 100% sure what this means, though.


To be honest, me either! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hmmm... @Kiwicute2016 @BuildASnowman @Follow4LikesOfficial @PopTart0219
any of you leaders/moderators know what this means?


What Hopscotch Team member would know this? It is not that important, but I am very curious now! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This looks like a plugin that you have running, not at Discourse issue.

Try running in a different web browser like Chrome? Does the issue go away? Try running without plugins in Firefox.


That is not really relevant here, we have done LOTS to update our internals not to exhibit issues here and overall are very fast even on old phones these days.

That particular bug where I am being quoted is about an admin page none of you folk even have access to :slight_smile: also it was fixed.


Really? I just searched, and I found the topic :yum:

Also, I have been freezing on my iPad Air 1 in Safari, but not as much as before.


But also, the search button on the forum glitches. You have to be at the top (or very close to the top) of the topic/home screen to have the search button not glitch. Glitch as in, freezes Safari and slows it down so you can't do anything to exit the page or close the page. The only way to get out of it is to press the home button (we use an iPad). Not sure if this happens on other devices, though.


Thanks! I will definitely try using Chrome!


It just happened because I forgot to try Chrome, and I got a screenshot of what the notification looks like! Yay! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: