Hopscotch Competition! With twists and big prizes! FULL


This is the biggest competition I've ever held. And the only one I've hosted but let's not go into huge detail. For this competition you will need: friends, mad skills, and flexibility. Dropping out WILL cost your team for you are not able to get a replacement. The team thing reminds me of Survivor a reality tv show. There will be three teams. The artists, the coders, and the unknowns. You will not know what team you will be on until I assign you to it. So who knows what teammates you might get. There will be a challenge and a deadline. The possibilities are but not limited to: drawing, websites, movies, random things, trail art, and way more. But don't forget about the twists I'll throw at you. The prize is quite great if I do say so myself. But you won't know them until after the competition. Trust me, I may regret agreeing to do them (but I will I promise). Once you are assigned to your team choose a captain. They will make the topic you use to discuss things. After every challenge one person will be eliminated. I will be watching all three topics to see who's doing the least amount of work and idea giving and remove them from the team they are on. All you have to do to enter is say I wanna join and I most likely will assign you a team. Unless the spots are full for the team you fit with most. If you have a team you think you'd most benefit add the team name along with I want to join. I will edit the teams when someone gets on one.

Artists FULL
  1. @Hermione
  2. @PandaBlossom
  3. @RubyWolf1
  4. @SkydivingWalnut
  5. @Razor

Coders FULL
  1. @DancingLollipop
  2. @RubyStars
  3. @Dude73
  4. @Wookie
  5. @Purdue19

Randoms FULL
  1. @TallAOnForum
  2. @Sparkczy
  3. @HoppingBanana
  4. @PWALK3430
  5. @Intelligentscooter

  1. Be fair
  2. Do NOT steal another team's idea (remember I will know!)
  3. Be creative
  4. Work together
  5. Have fun!

Mass Tag List

And more that I don't have copied

Extra tags: @MagmaPOP @SmileyAlyssa and @Anonymous

Edit: gonna need artists! @OrangeScent1 @LotsaPizza @XiaoMiaoMi and @PopTart0219 can you guys please join? Or at most three of you?

Artist Team United 🎨

I'll do this! I'll say I'm a coder :sunglasses: Or do you choose? I dunno :P


Yeah I would too. Your in!

Edit: yes I choose but I put in the instructions that you can use a preference (say what you think you would be)


Sounds fun! What are unknowns?


Yay thanks! Lol I'm joining so many things XD


Basically those random people who do absolutely everything


I'm guessing people who are not as known but still make good projects :wink: Basically like unnoticed. Nvm she answered you already XD


That too. Because they are trying to get noticed they do random things

Edit: so both of those reasons. Actually originally it was what @DancingLollipop said. LOL


@RubyStars want to join?


Sure, why not! How long do we have for each challenge?


Depends on what it is.


Alert: the unknowns are called the unknowns because they do anything and everything and it is unknown what they'll do next

Edit: so I looked at @RubyStars' profile and I classify her as a coder


Ok I need a LOT more people.


I need 6 coders 8 artists and 8 random people AKA the unknowns


I would be coder! If I can!


You can. Hopscotch name? I check your profile to see where you fit best


Um, can I join? I have two accounts, one for coding and one for art. They are Dude73 and GalaxyArtist73 if you want to check them out. (I can't decide between coder and artist)


They are MeaowCat and FruityMilkshake


I'll definitely do This :blush:

You choose what I am


@Hermione you are an artist @Dude73 you are a coder and @Wookie so are you.

Edit: Hermoine lemme double check real quick actually

Edit edit: yep your an artist