Hopscotch competition 2016 [CLOSED]


Hi everyone, I decided to make competitions of any of these categories you pick:
• Websites
• Games
• Pixel Art
• Text art
• Trail art
• Any type of art
• Logo
• Keep Calm
• Backround making
And anything else you guys request. Make sure to have a link to your project. I am going to be one of the judges. Here are the prizes:
First Place
• maybe project gets on featured
• 20 likes on your project
• follows from all the judges
• get to make a project with one of the judges of your choice
• get a shoutout from all the judges
second place
• maybe gets on featured
• 10 likes on your projects
• 2 followers from the judges of your choice
• get a shoutout from all the judges
third place
• maybe gets on featured
• 1 follow from the judge of your choice
• 5 likes on your projects
• get a shoutout from all the judges
No project can be entered that was published before June 27th 2016
Judges are: @Kitkat26, @NightcoreStudios, @Explorer_ , @Sweetlina
Deadline: July 20,2016
P.S.: the topic might say help, I don't know how to change it.
Official Rank
1. @Smartypants
2. @happyfacegirl
3. @NightcoreStudios
4. @BlueStarGirl
5. @FascinatingTreehouse
6. @MR.GAM3R

Riddle Challenge

I join~



I'm going to join!
Better start coding!
You said we could request categories?
Can I request a background making category?


@nightcorestudios it's angel not angle


First two people that reply to this are also judges, I will announce soon.


I did it! Done! If you check you could find it.


Thanks, Explorer_!
I need 20 characters.


Can I be a judge @Explorer_?


@Kitkat26, @Explorer_ said

I'm just being honest. ._.


@Explorer_, when are you going to announce the judges?


That's okay!

I just thought I would ask because I know you and @Smartypants replied first and are making a project so??

Anyways, let's see what he says.


Yeah. We'll see. :T We'll see....


I will right now or in a few minutes! :relieved:


OK. That's fine, I guess.


Judges are @NightcoreStudios, and @Kitkat26 congratulations! @Kitkat26, I have to know your hopscotch username.


Since you are now judge, that project doesn't count, but I like it!


Angle is something in math though. Angel is the kind of thing you're talking about in the project, though...
You really don't need to yell.


It is Kitkat26​:joy::purple_heart:. What is yours?


I'm Explorer​:herb: I gtg right now, bye!


Just felt like it :stuck_out_tongue: