Hopscotch Competitiοn


This is a competition where four people will code a game in a certain time limit. There will be three rounds; one to get the game to the minimum playable state, one to finish the game, and one where you will have to do something special.

The coders will have to post on here when they start coding and when they take a break. No breaks to think about what you are going to do. Only other coders are allowed to test your project, but why would they help the competition? The winner will get some cool prizes, including a nomination for employee of the month and for featured.

Depending on how many people sign up, we may have multiple of these challenges going on at the same time.

To sign up, just reply to this and say that you want to sign up.



I’m not on the OMLT and I somehow get tagged


That’s weird.

Maybe read this?

Edit: want to participate?


Sure but I’m not the best coder

Also lol stop with the Rick Ains whatever his name is




I’ll do it! I can’t start right away though since I’m busy coding something else!


sounds fun!!! I am in!


Ok. We need one more.