Hopscotch compared to swift playground (Editor, software, etc)



Hi people who Im sure use hopscotch! Have you used swift? And have you ever wanted that person to fall of a cliff? ill get to that later, But lets compare them!

So heres some pros and cons
* Easier
* Better Design
* Fast
* Larger Community
* More things (Trending, Following, projects, etc)
* Search and public post

* No subscription, free
* A little more advanced
* Easier tutorials
* Clean and familiar design
* Fun

  • Hopscotch
  • Swift Playground


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I haven't downloaded Swift Playgrounds yet, but I saw @CheckyWecky do it. It looks really cool. However, can you make your own games like in Hopscotch?

Also, I got experience in Swift :wink:


You.. Mabey? I got frustrated I dont know how to use the editor


Who's to say hopscotch isn't fun?


I actually just wanted to fill up a space


I chose HS on the poll because I don't have Swift yet, but I want to try it! Swift is probably fun too :D


My problem with it, is you can make the thing fall of the island.

Which is disappointing.


If it falls off, what happens?


he gets scared and stays.

Ok for real back on topic .-.


Swift looks promising :slight_smile:


Have you used it?


Might try swift. maybe.


Only like once or twice


must not gone up on this