Hopscotch Compared to other Coding Places (Conversation)


I think around 5-7 at the moment? A lot of people working there previously left :(

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We really need to get Hopscotch popular among working because it is an amazing tool for learning how to program. It kind of makes me frustrated when I hear that such a good app has very few developers. :confused:


It's a bit hard because Hopscotch is only available on iOS at the moment. There are also similar apps like Scratch (which is a web app) and Tynker which are more powerful than Hopscotch.

I think Scratch is completely free. A big advantage over Hopscotch. I think a lot of people are unhappy about the subscription.


Yeah, I've heard of those coding cites. But at that point it seems like learning JavaScript would be much more useful. Hopscotch is great for beginners, but Scratch and Tynker seem a little but more advanced and less friendly to use.

(Hopscotch has the nice iOS 7-ey feel to it, less skeuomorphic)

But since it's only for iOS it's harder to get a lot of people working on it.

I love all of these high quality posts, it's really awesome!


Yes, Hopscotch has a very nice interface. One reason I don't use Scratch or Tynker is because of the design and yeah, it's a bit harder to use.


Yeah I love how Hopscotch can be a medium for expressing yourself :smile: I love when it feels like you're coding at the speed of thought because it's so fast, you just drag or tap. Admittedly it was faster for me in the pre-3.0 update though.


I think @Rodrigo would be glad to hear that :slight_smile:


And me too! Actually, do you want to move this part to a new topic?


Yes! Definitely! You can express something very quickly! It's really useful (tell Rodigo he's awesome)


Yes! Let's do it! That'd be great!


Discourse is also a very nice forum of choice.


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I do! Thanks @MR.GAM3R, we really appreciate your comments and the fact that you like Hopscotch! :smiley:


I don't use Tynker because I can't find anything.... So I just repeat the same things over and over again.


@t1_hopscotch is it possible to support matrices (matrixes?) on Hopscotch?

@MR.GAM3R we'd be able to complete our goal of 4D Monkey dust!

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I tried tynker once and I couldn't figure out how to do anything at all!
With hopscotch though it's much easier to get started and that's why I kept using hopscotch and not tynker.


Tynker Is simple. I use it sometimes. I'm working on something in it.