Hopscotch Community Story #1



Hello Hopscotch! So this will be a hopscotch made story. I will start it off with something, then you guys remix what you think should happen next, etc. So this'll be the start of the story:

There once was a person who got enrolled into the School of Magic.


Her name was Shadow Moon.


she was a magic wizard


She was very magestic!


She loved to code


he used magic to code amazing projects


Until one day...


she lost her i pad in the magical forest


A magical fox took the iPad from where it was laying and sneaked into a hollow log


A bear that was very hungry came along and ate the ipad


Shadow set out on a quest to get a new iPad :D


Along the way, she came across a gigantic picture of the Hopscotch Forum.


It wasn't any old picture it kept changing every second


And there were words and tags and it was all so confusing!
So she typed in the words Hello into the picture.


The board quickly stopped changing and her post appeared.


Then, Askimet came and blocked her post. She couldn't do anything there anymore!


She got so mad she SPAMMED THE WHOLE FORUM
with glorious SPAM


She spammed the forum with spam!

And Askimet blocked all of them. It was still a nice try, though!


So she created a new user on the magic board and spammed more spam with pictures of spammy Spam and she got flagged over and over...


Eventually she spammed Liza with spam and got suspended.