Hopscotch Combos!? The List Of Them!



Okay I bet 75% Of you are wondering this
What Are Hopscotch Combos?
They Are A Series Of Code That Make A Mechanic Or Function!

Here You Can Post Different

Combos So Anyone Can Use Them!


I still don’t understand what a combo is. Example?


You know the custom abilities?
For example JUMP
This is made of 3 pieces of code to make one function which is a combo


Okay, combos! That is cool, is it like different kind of mechanics and physics built using HS?

Edit: I think that I understand now. This is a super cool idea.


Oh. Ok.


Yes it’s like mechanics that are not made of several pieces of code
They have to be one rule that makes a function


Its in the new beta


The new beta has nothing called Hopscotch combos, unless a new one was put out today with them.


They have something like it when you group when blocks


That’s custom rules.

Here’s a link to one I made. A simp,er version of it got into the new beta
Open it in new tab.


Or just open it into hopscotch -_-


Really? I didn’t think about that, I thought that they was called Custom rules.

That is what the beta calls them at least:

But yeah, this is almost exactly the same thing that is in the beta.


Answer: I made the combos up…
They could be custom rules or custom abilities


This is an interesting topic, we should list custom rules!