Hopscotch Collab: The "Unknowners"



So, I'll be starting a new account...
It'll be a collab account... (I think you know that from the title)
there will be 3 people chosen by me to be part of the collab account. If you are already part of a collab, please do not enter the queue. You'll be answer 1 question (you know how I said You'll be answer 1 question? It's on purpose.)... How good are you at coding.... from 1 to 10... I will be checking your account to...


I'll try out!

We are probably an 8 on coding.

We got featured recently!


and yes, it will be called the Unknowners, with the logo I always use, and to see that, check out my account on Hopscotch by simply searching up a simple username, Simply Unknown. Include the simple space. (Realize how I said simple or simply 4 times?)


I sad it yu in a collab plis dont enter da queue (realize how im not speelling correctly?)


So? We kind of dropped a lot of collabs.

And we don't dedicate all our time to collabs. That's not very fair, how about if you're in 3+ collabs, don't join?

But if something is restricted from certain people, it may be closed.


but i want peple that arent in a collab to have a chance


Can I join all my clubs has been hacked or aren't used ...

I rate my self 7~8
(On my account MeaowCat is a new account so it doesn't have a lot of projects in it)
[ Realise that my grammar is wrong?] LOL


But people that aren't in collabs probably don't want to collab!

@SmilingSnowflakes, we need the GIFs.


then how do people not part of a collab get in a collab XD that means there would be no collabs


SmilingSnowflakes will bring the ice cream GIFs if this doesn't stop, I'm warning you…


are you trying to force me to stop this conservation? thats brutal .-.


especially with ice cream


Well, you're excluding people in collabs.

That's it, this is unfair, I'm calling the leaders.



guess im quitting the forums...


No, don't!

Excluding certain/ a group of people from something, like a collab or club, isn't allowed here on the forum. I learned from personal experience.


He's allowed to decide who he wants, as long as he isn't rude about it. :slight_smile:

How is he excluding?


He's saying he wants people to be fully dedicated to the collab and therefore not be in any other collabs that mnight take away time from this one. That's not excluding a certain group or being prejudiced - it's just saying that he wants full dedication to this collab.
It's just the same as saying "I want you to have experience in making games to join this collab". It's simply asking for a prerequisite so that the collab members can focus on this one project.

@Simply_Unknown You shouldn't quit the forums because of this. Sometimes people are going to have an opinion that differs from yours, and you just have to accept that and move on. Besides, it's resolved now! :smiley:


Well, about three quarters/half of the people of the forum are in collabs or clubs.

He says that if you are in a collab or club, then you can't join.

So, he is kind of excluding a lot of people.


He just wants you to put all of your collab time into this collab if you join- that's just the criteria you have to meet, he's not excluding. :slight_smile:


I think it @Simply_Unknown didn't do anything now wrong. He wants people to be dedicated! Seeing that you're in lots of collabs, it doesn't mean that he excluded you. You would want people in your collab to fit the requirements too, right?