Hopscotch Coding Schedules

Hi guys!
I haven’t been on the forum or even hopscotch for a little bit because of all the schoolwork and just school stuff! I also realized that many of you have the same problem and don’t have enough time to code or hop on the forum!

A tip for you is to pursue it in the mornings. Like right now, I am writing this at 6:53 AM. I like to take out a solid 10 minutes of my time to code in the mornings, and it doesn’t make much of a difference since I get to school on time with everything. However, for some reason, I always felt more confident in school after posting a piece of code on Hopscotch I am proud of.

The bus ride home! If you take the bus, this is a great one for you! I do take two really long bus rides going to school and coming back, so I try to use these blocks of time to go on Hopscotch, maybe whip out my laptop and try to get WIFi to get on the forum. I am personally so bored on the bus rides, and this method can be of a great help to you.

And lastly, over the weekends! This may be a very cliche answer, but you might have more time over the weekend than you think. Research for a science project? It is probably going to end up just surfing the internet. Try to structure your weekends a certain way that you have at least 1-2 hours at the end of the week for a little me time, which is very important so that you don’t burn out. This time COULD be used for hopscotch and forum surfing as well!

Thanks for reading! I hope these tips helped you!
-Swati :smile:


This is pretty cool but i don’t have the self control to do it lol


I code after school and on the afternoons on weekends, and that is my coding schedule.


Ha, @memorablechickenyay
I’m sure you could regain self-control when you put your mind to it@

@William04GamerA - Coding after school and weekend afternoons is a great time to code. Many people, including myself are packed with homework and classes after school, but I always make an attempt to get some coding in. :smile:
Also, a huge thank you for commenting, liking, and viewing so many of my posts! I just wanted to let you know that I am noticing your participation on my posts and on the forum in general, and I commend you for that! Thanks again!


haha no i cant lol theres homework and cats
thats really all that i spend my time on while stalking the forum

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@memorablechickenyay- I have a question for you: do you have time to go on hopscotch? What kind of things do you code when you do find time?

  1. Yes
  2. Normally maths stuff or simple trail art, nothing worth sharing really
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I think what you should do (and frankly, what I should also do) is to challenge yourself a little bit. Take 1 hour to 2 hours out of your day to watch a challenging tutorial and see how far you can go with it! Maybe you can do more than you think, rather than math stuff and simple trail art.

You know what? I should totally listen to my own advice. Ha.


yeah, the thing is i concentrate more on text programming now, mostly web dev. i love hopscotch but it can be a little frustrating to not be able to work with physical buttons on a keyboard. i might make something slightly good though soon

Haha, that actually made me laugh, i needed that, thank you