Hopscotch - Coding for Teens



Hello everyone! I have been thinking that Hopscotch is fun, but isn't that appealing to older kids (teens, etc.). So I came up with this idea: a whole new Hopscotch app for kids 13+! Instead of having the blocks ad stuff like Hopscotch has now, this new app would have actual code. It would be pretty much the same as Hopscotch, with the featured and trending sections and stuff. The only thing Hopscotch would have to change on this new app is switch the blocks out and make it so the users just type the code. I think this would be SUPER cool, mostly because I want to make actual apps and put them on the App Store. I could program my games with the IPad and then submit them to Apple on my computer!


Yeah! This seems a lot like one of my posts, and I think someone suggested an app called codea (not completely sure)


You can already create an app using a computer! Unfortunately, you can't randomly publish an app on the AppStore.


That is such an awesome idea! I would love it because they would probably make tutorials and help you to work out the code, but I wouldn't aim it just at teenagers. I think adults would also find it useful as well.


Yeah @ProgrammedCat's topic is here and you might find some interesting comments there. Like @ProgrammedCat mentioned, there is an app called Codea which you can use to code on your iPad and publish apps on the App Store (the idea of publishing on the App Store with Hopscotch has been discussed here very much as well). Like how Hopscotch is made for beginners to learn how to code, there are other tools available if you want to move on and publish apps.

I like having Hopscotch the way it is with blocks because you don't have to worry about typing errors and syntax. I'm 13+ and I find Hopscotch very appealing and plus, it says on Hopscotch's App Store description that Hopscotch is made for ages 8 to ∞ :smile:

So anyone of any age can start learning how to code with Hopscotch. Once you've started off with Hopscotch and want to go onto other things, you can do that but there are other tools too so I'm not sure about a separate Hopscotch for teens app, but interesting idea :smiley:


@Thundercloud That is a good idea but there is already so many things like that out there. I honestly think that it'd be great in the end, though. Great for teens but adults too. I'll put up a poll so we can see who thinks this is a good idea and who doesn't.

  • I like the idea
  • No, not nessisary



Yeah I know, but it would be so much easier on the IPad.